We’re proud to only serve Square Mile’s Red Brick coffee which comes from their award winning coffee roasting facility in East London.

In a rush? Give us a call on 0203 222 0016 and we’ll get your order ready so you don’t need to wait!.

Coffee – from £1.80

  • Espresso – double shot
  • Flat White – double shot with milk
  • Americano – long double shot with or without milk
  • Latte – double shot with lots of milk
  • Cappuccino – double shot with foamed milk
  • Mocha – double shot with 100% raw cocoa & milk

Hot Drinks – from £1.50

  • Hot Chocolate – 100% raw cocoa & milk
  • Cup of Tea – various varieties available

Milk Options

  • Full – creamy & full of flavour
  • Soya – sweet vegan & very low fat
  • Almond – low protein & vegan

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