What We Sell

mario-cipollini-saeco-cannondaleWe don’t care what brand or kind of bike you ride, all that matters is that you ride (or you want to but don’t know where to start)…

We care about ensuring that whatever you buy from us is great quality, good value and durable. Everything instore has been carefully chosen because it works… We don’t stock products because we get a better margin, or they’re the cheapest (or the most expensive), or they’re fashionable (this week). We stock products that we use, that we know from our longstanding experience in the cycle world are durable, reliable & good value. Ok, so you might not see us riding around with a basket hanging off the front of our bikes but the ones we stock we know from experience will serve you well…

Hopefully we didn’t just come across as bunch of sanctimoniousness idiots, we’re not like that… Honestly.

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