Frog Bikes

frog logoOur latest brand and argueably the most important. Frog bikes are a small British company dedicated to making lightweight bikes for children. Why does weight matter? Well an average male adult is 100kg and their bike is an average of 11kg but if you compare that to the average 8yr old which weighs only 25kg but their averaging bike weight is 13kg! Thats like an adult riding a bike SIX times times heavier…

Starting to get the picture? The lighter the bike, the easier it is for your child to learn to ride and progress quicker… Its common sense but Frog are the only ones focusing on the problem. Here’s a few highlights from the range.


Balance bike – £100

Available in 4 colours and featuring a rear brake, anti-spin headset and 12″ wheels – 4.2kgsalternate2-zoom

main-zoom (1)

Hybrid bike – from £250

Available in 5 sizes and loads of colours these bikes are great for the school run or flying around the local park – from 8.7kgs

main-zoom (2)

alternate2-zoom (1)

Road/Cyclocross bikes – from £400

Available in 3 different sizes and several colours (including Team Sky colourways) these are perfect for little budding racers. Each bike comes with 2 sets of tyres to convert from road to ‘cross and they have race ready gearing… Just pin on a number and away you go! – from 8.2kgs

We are also apart of the Leapfrog scheme which allows you to trade-in your old Frog bike when you are ready for the next size up!

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