Sometimes you see a range of bikes and are just blown away… This is how we met Bombtrack. Sweet bikes that are as beautiful as they are simple, “God is in the detail” they say and these guys have taken that to heart. Due to land in October we’re now taking pre-orders.

Oxbridge – £550 1 speed / £700 3 speed


Classic steel frame & fork with colour matched ‘guards and beautifully spec’d parts. Standard spec is single speed (£550) but we can custom build you a 3 speed version using a Sturmey hub gear for an extra £150 if you need a bit more versatility.

Arise – £600


These guys are awesome! Simple single speed ‘cross bikes which has the mounts to allow a geared upgrade if you need a little helping hand! £600 gets you a bike that is durable, beautiful & adaptable. I want one!

Hook – £1400


Wanna race? commute? or just have the freedom to ride wherever you damn well please? The Hook is your beast, happy on or off road, well spec’d and understated for our money this is the bike to knock the crown from the king of the ‘only one bike’ category, the legendary Genesis Croix de Fer.

The king is dead! Long live the King!

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