MuleBar was born after a climbing trip to cerro Aconcagua in 2002. Sick of the energy bars provided by their guides Jimmy & Alex decided to get cooking! The following years in their kitchens has led to the wonderful range of products we have available. Passionate about food MuleBar follow 5 simple guidelines for producing tasty products: Nature, Taste, Performance, Environment & Simplicity.

Here’s a few of our favourites… Don’t see your favourite? Don’t panic, we keep ALL the flavours in stock!


Eastern Express savoury energy bar – £1.60

Sick of super sweet tasting products? Yearning for something savoury? This new ‘bombay mix’ meets sweet chutney bar is the answer… An east-meets-west marriage of savoury and sweet, spice and intrigue. So, so awesome!


Jimmy’s Choc Orange energy bar – £1.60

Fairtrade chocolate with anti-oxidant rich orange & lemon peel to give a zinging energy kick. Perhaps the best tasting sweet energy bar ever?


Hunza Nut energy bar – £1.60

Apricots from northern Pakistan mixed with walnuts makes an wonderful vegan Fairtrade ‘Christmas cake’ flavoured bar. Sublime.


Kicks energy gels – £1.60

Organic energy gels that are not only super tasty but easy on your stomach & digestive system. Great for an immediate energy kick and speedy recoveries.


Refuel protein bars – £2.50

With 20% protein these delicious Fairtrade bars aid the growth & maintenance muscle mass without the need to drink pints & pints of recovery shake!

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