downloadIt’s a sad truth but cyclists in the UK, especially in urban areas, need to protect their bikes from thieves… Whether you ride around on a bike you found in a skip or a custom built dream machine you need to take security seriously. Most insurers will expect you to have spent apr. 10% of the value of your bike on a lock(s) so always check your policies small print to be clear what security specification they require.

Here at CycleLab we have many years experience of using, selling & fitting locks and we understand how to help ensure your pride & joy is still waiting for you which is why we sell Abus. For more than 85 years, Abus locks have been produced in Germany with the motto ‘Security built on quality’, they may not come in cool packaging or have funky adverts but we trust them with our bikes and we think you should too. Here’s a few tips for locking your bike:

  • Buy the strongest lock(s) you can afford, preferably two different kinds
  • If you have one lock it should go through the rear wheel & the frame and then around your chosen immovable object
  • Locking your bike to a lamp posts is fine but do not lock it to a sign post, the signs are just bolted on and can be removed easier than your lock(s) can be
  • Do not lock your bike to wire fencing or skinny iron railings, these can be cut easier than your lock(s)
  • If your bike has quick release wheels and/or seatpost then either upgrade to locking skewers or use additional locks
  • Lock your bike in a well lit area in plain sight
  • Cover over logos & branding with stickers or tape to make your bike less conspicuous

NB Sold Secure is an independent lab which tests items to destruction and rates them impartially.

U-Mini 40 – £50


Created to fit into your pocket this ‘mini’ U-Lock (or D-Lock if you prefer) if perfect for traveling light and securing a bike with secure wheels (ie nutted or pitlock skewers)… Also available in yellow this Sold Secure Silver level lock will protect your bike from sustained attack.

Steel-O-Flex – £80


4a084920ba1be451d1a2bb422d5ad73eA classic design which can be seen in use by 100’s of couriers across London. This Sold Secure Gold tested lock is built from overlapping hardened steel shells which protect the inner steel cable which means it’s way stronger than a normal cable lock but it retains its flexibility so you can wear it around your waist or bend it around a larger column to keep your bike secure. Long enough to go through the rear wheel & the frame and around a sizable object with a secure front wheel this is all the lock you need! Supplied with two keys and a code card so you can order replacement keys if required.

uGrip Plus U-Lock – £75


An innovative new design from Abus which surrounds their highest quality mechanism & shackle with a soft elastomer coating to prevent damage to your bike’s paintwork. Available in Lime (shown) and Black, both are supplied with two keys and a code card so you can order replacement keys if required.

uGrip Cable – £18


Another new ‘uGrip’ lock is this simple elastomer coated cable lock. A great option for a 2nd lock to secure your front wheel or for ‘popping’ in to the corner shop*. Available in lots of different colours including black.

*This is not the strongest lock in the world and we would never suggest you use this as your only lock when leaving your bike for long periods.

Cobra Extension Cable – from £10


Available in 3 different lengths;  75cm, 140cm & 220cm these cables are perfect for securing front wheels, saddles, luggage or multiple bikes. Intended for use in conjunction with a U-Lock or Chain they should not be used as a solitary lock in conjunction with a padlock if you’d like your bike to still be waiting for you!

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