RAXP50ORThis bike is totally frickin’ sweet… bright orange paint work, full SRAM Rival 22 gruppo with hydraulic brakes, Cole wheels, Schwalbe tyres and a carbon fork… All for £1500… Yeah we double checked the price, £1500! Someone at Raleigh must need a new calculator… graba  bargain and hit the trails in style!


We’re stoked to be the first UK stockist for Bowman… The Palace is a great way to build a race ready machine that is still comfy for long sportives and even the spring classics!

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IMG_0187 IMG_0186

Seized quill stem? No problem, as always we’re up for a challenge… First the blowtorch then it’s time for a healthy dose of Finshline’s wonderful Chill Zone spray to rapidly cool everything down and break the bond between the corroded parts. A bit of elbow grease and hey presto one more repaired bike.
More fun than fixing punctures and one very happy customer… Good times!



It’s that time of year again when all the new shiny stuff appears and we need to make some space in our very un-tardis like shop. You know we much prefer dealing with you all face to face but putting our clearance items in t’ebay allows us to reach a much bigger audience without spending a small fortune on advertising.

All these bikes are in store and can be test ridden & purchased direct – just drop us a line to secure your new wheels!


Just a last minute reminder that we’re closed for the Bank Holiday… See you bright and early on Tuesday!


We’re having a bit of a blow-out to make way for some new winter kit. We have a few sizes/colours left in various products from the award winning Equipe range. Grab a bargain with up to 30% off all Equipe stock products – including jackets, bibs and arm & leg warmers!

Jump through to see a few highlights!

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A truly inspiring story and worthy of every penny you can give… Help the one-legged Alem fulfil his dream of riding in Rio 2016. Hit the logo to jump through to the Kriticalmass project page and get the full story.


We like to think that we’re an open minded bunch but with the increased numbers of cyclists turning to road cycling it’s our duty to encourage everyone to understand & obey the Rules. These are not guidelines (like the pirates code), these are rules and must be obeyed at all times… Read the rest of this entry »


One thing we love about Fairdale is how they bring the continuous creativity for the skate & BMX worlds to the conservative land of cycling… Hit the image to jump through to the latest selection of drawings for Taj, the man behind Fairdale. Read the rest of this entry »


Beautiful & understated, the new ‘raw’ finish No.22 Great Divides are available now.

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