What is Acai?


Many of you have been asking us what Acai is and why we choose to put it in our smoothies or breakfast bowls. Acai is a berry native to Central and South America. It contains anthocyanins, flavonoids and is full of antioxidants that help repair damaged cells. We choose to put it in our smoothies and bowls along with banana, honey, avocado and cinnamon.

So instead of grabbing a burger or another meal that will make you feel bloated and lethargic today, come grab an Acai! We promise you won’t regret it.

Bank Holiday Weekend

Any plans for the bank holiday? Going on a long ride? Ride on by and get your bike serviced before the long weekend ahead as we will be closed Saturday the 2nd of May and on Monday the 4rth of May.

Don’t worry though, we’ll be back on Tuesday the 5th of May to help with all your bike questions, problems, and the occasional smoothie or juice.

Easter Weekend

Just a reminder that we will be closed starting Friday the 3rd of April until Monday the 6th (reopening on Tuesday April 7th). Ride on by a get your bike serviced before the weekend or grab a cup of coffee and drool over bike parts.

So whether you are going away for a few days, finally getting around to that Spring Cleaning, or going on an Easter egg hunt.. don’t forget to get on your bikes and ride!


Something for the weekend Sir?

We ‘bumped into’ these awesome animations while exploring t’internet and thought we’d share…


What every rider should have in their musette, utter genius…


Yep, you just saw that… Dismounting & running is so last year!

tumblr_n2eeglH6l51swtjjuo1_400I guess he didn’t pay for that… Does somebody need a hug?

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