Cycling Weekly Great Divide Review


We recently handed over one of our first generation No22 Great Divides to the guys at Cycling Weekly… Result? They loved it! 

We were happy with the comfort, and topped off with the lightweight properties, you’re getting a great all-round road frame with plush titanium styling’

It rewards positive rider inputs, which made it an engaging ride. We felt compelled to press on, especially on the descents, with good feedback keeping us informed us to the limits of grip and the frame’s capabilities.

You get a robust and plush frameset that should last a lifetime.

CW Nov ’14 : 9/10

Fantastic praise from the UK’s most read cycling publication- further evidence that No22 are rapidly becoming THE brand to have. The Great Divide is available in 2 different finishes and either Di2/EPS or mechanical routing…

Frameset – £2400 (inc Enve fork, Chris King Headset & Thomson seat clamp)

Full builds from – £3200 (give us a call to discuss your dream build)

Just 2 reasons that contribute to make No22 special…

No22 bikes are some of the best constructed titanium frames available, thanks largely to the production staff  hired from the former Serotta crew earlier this year, who on average have more than 14 years of titanium fabrication experience each. The quality of the welds, mitering and finishing are spectacular and not just for the bike industry but any industry.

When a frame is welded the heat from each weld causes the material to expand and contract which causes the frame to pull slightly out of alignment. Most builders will weld the entire frame, and then take it to the alignment table where big corrections are made by bending the frame with a press or bar until it is straight. In contrast No22 align the frame after each set of welds, with a total of seven trips to the alignment table for every frame, with minor corrections made each time. The result is that No22 frames are straighter and stronger than the competition.

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