Neu No.22 Little Wing


The wonderful thing about building in-house in short batches is that No.22 can evolve their products. Not happy to sit on their hands and watch the $’s roll in after producing one of the most beautifully understated track bikes we’ve ever seen, the guys at No.22 have been slaving away to perfect the Little Wing.


A new fork means they’ve been able to tweak the rake and provide a non drilled or drilled for brake option.  Little-Wing-Seatmast-Topperl

While the new cast seat mast topper, housing ENVE saddle clamp hardware, is not only 40g lighter than the previous version but it also allows the saddle to sit upto 25mm lower.Little-Wing-Brake-Bridge_6b696bd5-3096-419d-bcfd-4ec95a7d0fe4

Coming with a 10yr warranty the Little Wing frames are offered in 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 & 60 cm.

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