Raleigh 2015

RCRR52BKSo it’s that great time of year again when all the new bikes for next year start breaking cover. We recently got a chance to play with some of the new Raleigh road & ‘cross bikes. Here’s a few of our favourites…

Criterium Elite road – £1000


Newer than a new thing with a big sign saying ‘I’m new’… The Criterium range replaces the old SP models and brings carbon frames & forks to the masses (aka CycleScheme). More understated graphically than the race models these guys are perfect for those new to lycra, ‘clicky’ shoes and waking up before the milkman to go for a spin.

RX Pro ‘cross – £1500

This is a new bike in the expanding Raleigh ‘cross range and it’s a corker… Sram Rival 22 – check!, hydraulic disc brakes – check!, bolt thru fork – check! retina burning orange (this seasons hot colour by the way) – check!.. So frickin’ awesome, cooler than a Vektar and best of all, if you crash in the middle of nowhere the rescue team will be able to see you from space!

Revenio 2 Disc road – £900REV2D3TI


New for 2015 the Revenio range now has a 3rd variant; the alloy framed, carbon fork’d Revenio Disc. Starting with this gem for two bullseyes less than a bag o’sand. An all year road commute mileage eater for less than the price of 3 months tube travel, come on, you know it makes sense!

Revenio 2 Carbon road – £1650REVC23BK

This is the 2015 version of the bike Fin (our scribbler & font of knowledge) as been riding all year. A finalist in the Cycling Weekly Bike of the Year award and so well reviewed you’d think the journos were taking bribes, this is (in Fins opinion) one of the best kept secrets in the road bike world. Looking sweeter than ever in this new black ‘n blue colourway… Buy one now!


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