Genesis 2015


So there’s a whole new team at Genesis and they’ve really been busy!

All new graphics and virtually every bike has been tweaked in some way… Better value, tweaked geometry, updated specs the list goes on. Check out a few highlights below.


All new Tour de Fer is not just a pre-loaded Croix de Fer but a whole new bike with extended chainstays, extra mounts and real world go anywhere touring spec… The best thing about this bike? The price, it’s only £900 so you can get a set of Ortlieb bags (and still be under the magic £1000 CycleScheme limit) and away you go! Fancy something a little more personal for your global adventures? The Tour de Fer is also available as a frameset so we can build up your dream bike!


Croix de Fer is now 4 models, this is the ’20’ which at £1200 is the closest on price to the previous models… Still bombproof, simple & versatile, the one bike for every occasion.


Just to make your new bike decision a little harder the new range of Equilibrium Disc bikes (and framesets) are looking sccchhhhhwwwweeeeeettttt! Steel frames & carbon forks with cable & hydraulic braking all wrapped up with a more sportif friendly geometry means this maybe the bike for you – if you plan on sticking to the tarmac.

Dates for the new 2015 bikes/framesets vary but some will be hitting the shop floor next month… Pop in to check out the range in da, da, da PRINT… That’s right folks you can’t download it you have to hold it and read it… Looks like its gonna be a good year for Genesis… I must order a Caribou fat bike, definitely the bike for winter commuting!







You didn’t hear this from us but… If you’ve heard rumours but didn’t think it was possible, the answer is yes, Genesis the brand so devout to the altar of steel have given up the fight and will be producing a range of carbon road bikes called Genesis Zero (no pics just yet but we’ve seen the range and they do look nice). We guess having a winning road team is more important to the guys at Madison (the owners of Genesis) than sticking to the Genesis brand ethos… In fact while we’re thinking about it we guess they (Madison) must think to be a real player in the bike world you have to make bikes from the black stuff ‘cos guess what; Saracen & Ridgeback (both Madison owned brands) are releasing carbon road bikes for 2015…

NB. If you’re wondering what happen to ex-Genesis honcho Dom (if it ain’t steel it ain’t real) Thomas he’s set up his own company called Wold Cycles… He and the other members of the company are producing some really beautiful, soulful steel bikes, check’em out!

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