Rollin’ 26ers!


Not happy with only being able to squeeze 20 inch rims on your pride & joy? Click the image to watch what happens when a Toyota Corolla gets pimped with a set of 26″ hoops… So AWESOME!

Bill Mould is a custom wheel builder from the good ol’ US of A who obviously

  • is awesome at building wheels
  • rocks a serious set of goolies to drive this monster
  • needs to get some help presenting any future releases

Bill recently hooked up with local high school pupil Bryan Higgins (their relationship is purely platonic) to build a bike wheel that could support the weight of a car… Seems like a perfectly good way to spend your spare time if you ask me… Byran designed and built the adaptor while Bill laced up a 36H Velocity hub with a Cliff Hanger rim, a bunch of Sapim spokes and a Maxxis Hookworm tyre to transform this 2700 lbs Corolla into an Xzibit wet dream.

The moral of the story? Time to upgrade the CycleLab DeathTrap TM coffee truck!

All together…. They see me rollin’, they seeee meee roolllliiinnnnn!


Story ‘jacked & butchered from BikeRumour

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