Hackney GT Beastway MTB summer series 2014

beastway-poster-final2OK so enough of the negative posts… Here’s something to celebrate!

The lovely guys over at Hackney GT have taken up the gauntlet and are running Beastway for 2014. For those of you who don’t know about Beastway it’s London’s oldest mountain bike race series (infact it’s one of the longest running MTB race series’ in the world).

The weekly races will be held at the Redbridge Cycle Centre (Hog Hill) from 21st May – 9th July 2014.

Racing starts from 6.30pm for Youth and 7.30pm for Seniors with races lasting approximately one hour with categories for youth, juniors, experts, seniors and vets in both male and female.

To help cope with demand and to help create new and exciting courses each week (a Beastway staple), the organisers are looking for volunteers to help marshal the events. It’s a great way to put something back into the series and not only will volunteers go home with a nice glow from helping but also beer for their efforts. Those helping to stake out and take down the course will also receive free race entry.


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