Gross Error of Judgement by Playmobil


Here at CycleLab we’re big fans of cycling toys, much of Fin’s collection can be found scattered around the shop, and we’ve even managed to source some rare Playmobil female mountain biker figures (see below) which we have for sale but earlier today while wandering the halls of Toy’s R Us in an attempt to find some new bike related toys he found this.

Innocent enough at first glance but in an age of increasing child obesity & inactivity coupled with an appalling lack of justice for cyclist injured (or indeed killed) on the roads this toy becomes something much more sinister. Not only does it bolster the negative view of the masses that cycling is inherently dangerous but it also reinforces the belief that cycle accidents are inconsequential.

Do Playmobil really want kids to have fun ‘running over’ cyclists? Perhaps we’re way off the mark here but Playmobil seem to have dropped the ball with this one.


Playmobil Woman With Mountain bike 4743 – £8.99



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