No. 22 News


Those of you who keep a keen eye on the bike forums & news sites will have heard the great news regarding No. 22… They are bringing frame production in-house!

Until now No. 22 frames have been built by a small team at Lynsky but now they will be created by a team of ex-Saratoga Frameworks industry veterans in upstate New York. The team (with a combined 53 years of titanium building experience) will be led by Scott Hock and includes Frank Cenchitz as head welder, Caleb Sesselman as welder, and Bill McDonald bringing his considerable experience to finishing and paint.

There’s less than a handful of Great Divides in the UK at the moment and all future bikes will come from the skilled hands of the aforementioned craftsmen… Di2 / EPS cable & finish options are now available. Little Wings are in production too so those of you who have been salivating over Krisz’s bike (the only one in the UK) will soon be able to get to ride what just maybe the most beautiful track bike in living memory.

We are now taking orders for both framesets and turn-around time is expected to be around 3-4wks as the guys settle in and batch production begins. Call / email us to discuss build options and if you’re luck enough to be fairly short in stature we have a demo Great Divide & Krisz’s Little Wing ready and waiting to tempt you!

Here’s what Bryce & Mike at No. 22  had to say about this announcement:

We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with this team as the long-term manufacturing home for our bikes,” said Mike Smith, co-founder of No. 22. “We have been building our brand around the resurgence of North American craftsmanship, and the frames that Scott, Frank and their colleagues are able to build have us thrilled about this relationship. We feel privileged to be working with them to produce bikes that we can all be proud of.

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