No. 22 Awesome-ness Update

MMXII_November_01_1024x1024We’re so stoked right now… We have the only Little Wing In the UK being built up for our glorious leader, Krisz. This does mean its teanie tiny but its so frickin’ awesome… Pimped out with bits from Chris King, Enve, Deda, Rotor, San Marco & Royce… look out for it racing ’round Herne Hill & Olympic velodromes!

And in addition to this great news we have been lucky enough to get our hands on a demo Great Divide road build from VAM (thanks Alex!)… rolling on lovely Reynolds wheels and sporting a Ultegra, PRO & Rotor build it tips the scales at a delightful 7.5kgs… If you’re looking for a beautiful frame to enjoy for the rest of your days then this is it!


When Putin, Assad & Jong-un finally lose the plot (if they haven’t already) and hit the button you’ll be glad you spent your time riding something this awesome and not just a rolling advertising board…


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