1365419768912Oh yeah… That’s definitely punctured!

Here’s a few tips to help minimise your chances of getting a puncture;

  • Try to avoid obvious areas of road debris
  • Keep your tyres correctly inflated  – we always have a pump outside during opening hours
  • Don’t ride right up to the curb – the camber of the road means all the dirt & debris is washed to the edge of the road when it rains
  • Check your tyres regularly for bits of glass etc stuck in the tread – pick them out carefully with tweezers
  • Ensure that when you fit a new tube the valve is perpendicular to the rim and not bent over
  • If you keep your bike outside keep it covered to help prevent the tyres from perishing – BikeParka’s are back in stock!
  • Try to avoid potholes – not that easy in London!
  • Once your tyres start to wear/puncture regularly bite the bullet and upgrade to something stronger – it will be cheaper in the long run

Tools you need to fix a puncture;

  • Spanner – if you have nutted axles
  • Security key – if you have Pitlocks etc
  • Inner tube – it’s better to put in a new tube and repair the damaged one once you reach your destination
  • Patche kit – always good as a backup incase you really unlucky and get more punctures that you have tubes!
  • One/two tyre levers – some tyres come off easily but many don’t
  • Pump/CO2 inflater – no point putting in a new tube if you can’t inflate it!

If you’re not comfortable/confident enough to fix a puncture/replace a tube/tyre on your bike why not book yourself onto our Park Tool School Foundation evening courses… Dates are being announced soon!



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