BikeParka's Back In Stock!Well, winter is truly on its way and if your beloved steed must stay outdoors for any length of time you’re gonna need to cover it up to protect it from the weather.

Here at CycleLab we believe in selling stuff that works and BikeParka’s are the best covers going built by a tent/camping manufacturer who knows a thing or too about keeping out the elements.
Don’t believe us? Check out these rave reviews:
“An innovative and effective twist on a traditionally less than exciting product.”
9/10 Quality & construction. 9/10 Performance. 9/10 Product value.

Daily Cycle
“The ultimate bicycle cover. The BikeParka is what you get when you actually try and design a bicycle cover rather than just selling a waterproof sheet marketed as a bike storage system!”

“I had few bike covers in the past but this one is impressive, it sits on the bike perfectly, doesn’t fly away every two seconds and it’s fully waterproof.”



Instock now… Stash £29.99 or Urban £39.99

BikeParka’s Back In Stock!

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