Why Wait?

One of our best selling bikes is the Genesis Croix de Fer and with good reason… If you only have room for one bike this thing can do it all… Commuting? Touring? Bridleway bash? Road? Cross racing? Blast around the forest? Hell Yeah!

Unfortunately the Croix de Fer’s popularity is its weak point… getting hold of one can be rather challenging… Until now!

Here at CycleLab we’ve worked our magic and we can build up the frameset (which is generally in stock) with a custom spec from the same retail price of just £1149.99 (of course if you wanna spec Dura Ace its gonna cost a little more!)
Why wait for the standard spec (currently the end of January), when we can build you a custom bike for the same price?

Another happy customer:

Just wanted to thank you for all the work putting my Croix de Fer together.

Rode it home last night and it was sweet! Can’t believe how much faster (even though its heavier) than my current road/hybrid bike. Much more solid on the London pot holed roads too! Just need to adjust to riding/braking with drop bars now.

Pop by and discuss what spec you’d like and we can get you on the road usually within a week!

Why Wait?

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